Christmas Llama Family Matching Pajamas

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la, la la llama! Christmas time is upon us, and we’re breaking out the coolest and wooliest llama pajamas to help you get in the holiday spirit.

Looking for something cute for you and your family to wear for your Christmas pictures? No probllama! We have fa la la llama pajamas for the whole fam, including the dog. For Papa Llama, we have a pair of roomy, unisex pajama bottoms with pockets on each side and a drawstring waistband. Mama Llama gets either a PJ set (that includes leggings and a shirt) or a nightshirt that comes by itself, so she can sing “fa la la llama” all the way to bed. Big Kid Llamas get a pajama set that looks a lot like Mama’s, except with long gray sleeves instead of 3/4 length red sleeves. Our Itty Bitty Llamas get an adorable, green union suit with all the same fun print as the pants in all the bigger sets.

All of our llama pajamas are made out of 100% combed cotton, with some options featuring a polyester fleece lining to provide you with the coziest comfort possible. We care about the quality of our products because we care about the quality of your sleep; our fabrics are soft and gentle against your skin, never causing uncomfortable friction or itchiness.

As a bonus, you never have to worry about the llamas on your pajamas fading with time, no matter how often you wear them! We’ve designed them with permanent, fade-proof prints, so you can lounge, sleep, and play as much as you want and keep your jammies looking good as new without any effort.

As you shop for your new favorite llama pajamas, don’t forget to check out our infant leggings, our dog bandanas, our plush socks, and our sherpa throw blankets! There’s no end to the fun ways you can accessorize and stay nice and toasty this holiday season, so let all your probllamas melt away with a nice pair of jammies as you sit by the fireplace.

Any questions? Visit our Contact Us page or give us a call! Check out our Christmas pajamas!