Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts

Posted by LazyOne on 12th May 2023

The holidays are a special time full of magic and fun. One of the easiest ways to spread some Christmas cheer and bond with the family is to do a fun craft project together. This is a great way to create lasting memories and a festive project to really get in the holiday spirit. Here are a few great ideas for fun Christmas crafts you can do on your own or with the family to make the season jolly.


This is an easy project to take on and perfect for the whole family. It is also a creative task since you can mix and match the colors as you desire.

Whether you prefer a classic red and green take or one mixing several colors together for an eclectic vibe, this is one of those Christmas crafts that will give you a decoration you can use for years to come. Get further instructions to Make a Felt Ball Garland the Easy Way.


When looking for Christmas crafts you can do as a family or group that allow for individuality, this is a top choice. Make Life Lovely has given us some great steps on How to Make a Mason Jar Snow Globe.

You can assemble jars of different sizes and different items from trees to sleighs or even different colored snows of white, pink, or blue to really mix things up. This project will allow each person the chance to create their own unique scene for the holidays all housed inside a mason jar. This is also a craft that is appropriate for just about any age making it ideal for a family project.


This is an easy craft that is perfect for Christmas and lets you clear some clutter from your closet at the same time! If you have some old plaid or Christmas print pajamas you don’t need anymore, you can cut them into ribbons to use on brown paper wrapped Christmas presents. This gives the wrapped presents a rustic plaid or playful Christmas style and is easy to do. Simply measure and cut the pajamas into ribbon sized strips and wrap around the presents and tie it in a bow!


This is one of the easiest Christmas crafts and it lets you get pretty creative. It is also one of the cheapest since it consists of items you most likely already have on hand in your home! This can be a fun family craft tradition where you make a new ornament each year to put on the tree. Check out this Favorite Salt Dough Recipe for Ornaments and Handprints from Wholefully.


This cute project makes for an adorable ornament for the Christmas tree.

This gingerbread is cute enough to eat but it’s felt so hold off on eating it! Easy to make using items easily found at any craft store, these cute little houses are a sweet way to get crafty and decorate the tree at the same time. Learn how to make a Felt Gingerbread House Ornament from Cutesy Crafts.


If you are looking to spread good cheer this season with baked treats, then this fun and festive treat holder is a great way to give this tasty gift. These cute Santa cups are easy to make and really add a nice finishing touch for a festive way to spread some sweetness!


Another easy and affordable project you can do with the family, this option gives you more creative license than some others because you can choose to use just about any color yarn. If your little one wants to make a neon pink Christmas tree, now is their chance! Of course, you can also do this project in more traditional colors of red and green. We'd like to thank A Beautiful Mess for the Yarn Christmas Tree DIY instructions.


This is a fun and easy craft that lets you hold on to your old Christmas pajamas while repurposing them into a cozy quilt for the holiday season. If you add a new set of Matching Holiday Pajamas and Christmas PJs to your closet each year (as we all should), then you know there are some you don’t wear anymore yet can’t throw away either. When you cut the old pajamas up into smaller squares, you can easily sew up your very own Christmas memory quilt. Best of all, you can make it extra thoughtful by saving your child’s PJs over the years to make them a special quilt sure to bring back all the magical holiday memories of the past.


For a craft project with a rustic charm, this wood slice snowman is sure to add something to your season. It is an easy task to do and you can get creative in a few ways such as the features or the fabric used for the bow-tie for even more fun. You can also change it up based on size if you want to make several snowmen in small, medium, and larger sizes all mixed together throughout the home. Find out how to make your Reversible Wood Slice Pumpkins and Snowman with help from The Craft Patch.